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Tori Black, born in 1988 in Seattle, Washington, USA, is a porn actor. In 2007, he filmed his first film, and has shot more than 200 films. He has won many awards in 2009, including the hottest actor of the year, the newcomer of the year, and the most popular newcomers of the year. Tori Black has a charming appearance and a smile. There is no doubt that Tori Black is the most searched on the web.

Tori black sex

Tori Black is eager to see one day in the spotlight of everyone. Soon she moved to Hollywood at the age of 18, and Tori Black was so clear that she had to enter the adult industry when she became famous. Her first film appeared in 2007, giving people a bright eye. Tori Black has a fresh face that is different from a normal porn star and a sexy 36D-27-36. However, until the end of 2008, Tori Black appeared as the Penthouse Pet of the Month in December, and she won the honor she deserved. Since then, Tori Black's career has entered a path to success. At Penthouse, Tori Black starred in more than 40 mainstream movies. Such as "Barely Legal All Stars 8," "I Love Young Girl 4" and "Real Female Orgasms 9" and so on.

In 2009, Tori Black won several awards, once again proving that she is an important member of the adult entertainment industry. With the 3 awards in 2009, she is in the bag, (CAVR Award: the hottest actor of the year; XRCO Award: Newcomer of the Year; FAME Award: the most popular newcomer of the year) Tori Black seems to be unstoppable and star-studded.

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