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Mini Vibe Wand Massager
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Pink Gel Vibrator Sex Toy For Female
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VIVAAWA is one of the largest adult sex stores in India, with trendy sex toys, condoms, airplane cups, sex products, SM sex toys, and lingerie. BDSM supplies, vibrating eggs, vibrating appliances, delay cups, etc. Refers to some appliances that can help men and women overcome their sexual difficulties, through masturbation or love yourself, and can fulfill sexual reactions like normal people, they can help cause or increase the excitement of sexual organs. The most popular product of toy shop near me is the double-head vibrator. How do you use a double-head vibrator?

Please ensure the privacy of your use;


Take the product out of the toy shop near me, install the battery or fully charge it. Then, clean the entire toy and do not allow water to come into contact with the battery or wires. It can be used after drying.


High-quality lubricants add to the variety of fun toys, even making the pain refreshed, and the increased safety of the toys. The water-based lubricant with higher viscosity is more suitable for use with toys. It is not easy to slip after being applied to the surface of the toy, but the moisture retention is relatively poor. If there is special requirement for moisture retention, in the case of confirming the non-silicone material of the massage rod A silicon based lubricant can be used.


Before using it with your male partner, it is best to try it yourself first, so that you can prepare yourself for the functions and strength of the product.

External measurement and internal use

Most people need to warm up before they can use it internally. Therefore, after starting the machine, let the skin feel the strength, and test the response of different parts of the product to the product, and then decide to use it.

Slow entry

There is no absolute standard for the use of double-headed honey sticks. Some people may not like the vibration or twist function, just use it as a normal Dildo stick; others prefer a slow spin massage. No matter what, novices should gradually move from low speed. If you feel dry during use, add some water-based lubricant.

For the product with the twisting function at the end of the honey hole, the lower end part of the toy must be fixed by hand when using it, otherwise the part which becomes the external body will be twisted while the part of the body remains still, and some toys are in the middle of the fine bead. This phenomenon may also occur when rotating. Therefore, it is necessary to hold the toy by hand throughout the process to keep it fixed.

back court

Traditional double-headed honey sticks are specially designed for honey spots and honey beans, but some may try to use honey beans for massage at the perineum or chrysanthemum, but this poses a high risk of hygiene. Therefore, it is recommended that the user to shop near me buy a toy for the back court.

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