Vagina In Hindi

Has sex changed the size of your vagina in hindi?

If you've been worried that too much sex or a gifted partner might cause your vagina to change in size, put those fears to bed (so to say). It turns out that the vagina in hindi is a very elastic body part that "bounces" back to its pre-activity size very effectively.

The mysterious love canal

Vaginas is elastic in design and can be expanded to fit a penis of any size, especially during childbirth. Many seemingly magical changes occur in a woman's vagina in hindi during arousal and sexual intercourse.

During arousal, blood flow increases to the vaginal area to lubricate the folds, the "concave and convex" lining of the vagina. The folds begin to relax, unfurling the walls and providing space for a lover's penis, no matter his or her size.

Lubrication is very important

Sometimes the female body doesn't create enough lubrication for comfortable sex. This can be the result of many things, including hormone levels and age. It is important to ensure that there is always enough lubricant to avoid stimulation during sexual intercourse. Therefore, you should supplement your natural lubricants with non-water-based lubricants or better natural alternatives, such as extra virgin coconut oil, when needed.

In fact, using extra virgin coconut oil can be very beneficial for women dealing with vaginal dryness caused by menopause. It's an amazing moisturizer that helps reduce irritation in the vaginal area.

Don't forget your Kegels

Rest assured that you don't feel as nervous as usual immediately after sex, as your vagina is stretched to accommodate your partner. However, it can return to its pre-coital state within hours.

When it comes to "tightness" in women, it's usually either the vagina or the problem. It is actually the pelvic floor muscle that forms a figure-eight belt around the vagina/pelvis and most importantly affects tightness. Kegel exercises are very effective when practiced regularly throughout the day. There are other exercises that can be specific to the pelvic floor muscles.

Does childbirth reduce your tension?

How does childbirth affect the vagina? While multiple deliveries can affect vaginal muscle elasticity, regular deliveries do not permanently loosen a woman's vagina. The average woman's vagina takes about six months to tighten back to its original size.