Vagina Licking

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How to do vagina licking - 4 tips for vagina licking

There's a right way and a wrong way to vagina licking. Men who know their way can easily determine which one is right and which one is wrong every time they go their way into their partner's vagina. Another aspect of this thorny issue is the large number of women who seem unable to experience multiple orgasms through intercourse alone. It is in this context that people should be able to make use of all available "weapons" in their Arsenal in order to give their partners an exciting experience.

This is the most important thing to remember when vagina licking:

From the very beginning

You should remember this important rule - don't hit her mound while speeding. Oral sex doesn't work. You have to lick her point by point, slowly. If it takes three to five seconds to hit the O, it takes women five minutes or more to reach orgasm. This significant difference is an important variable that you must consider when licking your partner's vagina.

Hem, until she went crazy

This is a special technique you can't miss when performing cunnilingus on your partner. When you hum while you work in her love cave, your partner will feel a different feeling that can make her go wild.

Focus on her clitoris

The clitoris contains millions of minutes of nerve endings, and when these highly sensitive parts of the clitoris are properly stimulated, women inevitably experience exciting orgasms. You must learn how to use your tongue and fingers effectively so that you can drive her on the edge of ecstasy.

Aim for g-spot orgasm

The g-spot is the tissue a few inches above the vaginal wall. The bean-shaped vaginal tissue faces your partner's navel. Tap the tissue with your index finger until it reaches orgasm.

Follow a steady rhythm

Your licking must be smooth, smooth and slow. Don't go into attack mode while licking your partner's vagina. Never accept the idea of biting any part of her love hill. Inject action by alternating sensual kissing and licking of various parts of the vagina. Focus on the clitoral area and follow a firm circular motion.