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What is the first thing that jumps into your mind when you mention smart wearables? In fact, there is another industry that is very interested in smart wearable devices. That is, Durex, a company that produces sex toys, has set up a project team to develop intelligent vibrating panties that can be used to remotely control vibrations. At this year's CES conference, there was also a British sex toy company that showed similar products.

Durex's smart vibrating panties are called Fundawear and are divided into men's (panties only) and women's (including underwear and underwear). The smart vibrating panties has a built-in vibration massage device. When the user slides over the corresponding dot on the mobile application interface, the underwear will vibrate. Regarding this vibrating effect, the only thing to note here is that this app supports remote control and is more suitable for off-site love.

Mentioning Durex, I don't think I have to say more, everyone knows what it stands for. But now, Durex has launched a new cross-border work to solve the biggest problem that plagues couples, and the problem-solving product is this vibrating panties called Fundawear.

Fundawearvibrating panties is Durex's first attempt to enter the field of wearables. From the literal meaning of the name, it can probably guess its function. When the couple wears the remote control vibration-controlled underwear, they can remotely remotely control the sensitive parts of the other underwear through the dedicated smartphone app, and the vibration frequency can be adjusted according to the wishes of the other party. Although some are not happy, it is absolutely possible to solve the "bitter of suffering" to a certain extent.

How to use vibrating panties?

Vibrating panties is an adult sex toy popular in recent years. It stimulates the female genitals through the vibration and control device in the underwear. It is worn on the body and is as considerate and comfortable as the underwear. It is unknown at home, on the road and in the office. If you want to use it, you can use it with ease and convenience.


1. Battery cover, vibrator, main frame, switch (on the back), battery, shorts stand

2. Full coat wrapped in outer packaging - ribbon, zipper, elastic, shorts

1. When wearing, ensure that the vibrator is in front (close to the privacy) and the battery is behind (close to the back court).

2. You can wear it in underwear or stockings.

3. The shorts frame has certain flexibility and can be disassembled and assembled. However, excessive force or large amplitude can also cause breakage, so please use the disassembly.

Warming, vibrating panties 42 degrees intelligent constant temperature, just like he inserted, stable 42-degree temperature control, temperature up to 42 degrees, the overall distribution is like human body temperature, built-in smart chip, strict temperature control, so that the temperature distribution is more uniform. Waterproof and silent, full body silicone wrap, closed waterproof design. Silent, deep mute, multi-layer isolation material, private enjoyment. Portable charging, economic and environmental protection for a long time, climax and constant power.