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How to choose love egg and bullet vibrators for women

Love egg and bullet vibrators for women are proven positive, good things "come" in small packages. Don't be fooled by their small size or simple look. Not only are these small miracles effective stimulants, but they can also be packaged.

Eggs and bullet vibrators for women are also very versatile. Because of their streamlined shape, they can be used with a variety of non-vibrating toys to bring more layers. Their non-scary size makes them perfect for beginners, but they're also perfect for women and men's fun in single player or couple games.

1.What's the difference between love egg and bullet vibrators for women?

Although very similar, there are still some differences between eggs and bullet  vibrators for women, which makes each egg and bullet  vibrators for women unique. Carefully selected, the right egg or bullet vibrator can provide its own amazing fun.

The bullet vibrators for women has a slender oval shape, while the egg is larger and rounder. The extra circumference of the eggs allows them to accommodate larger motors, making them more powerful than bullets. Eggs also have a larger surface area, which allows them to produce a strong rumble throughout the lip area. Some egg vibrators are even designed for insertion to provide the interior aesthetic of vibration and true toe curl. Just check to make sure your egg vibrator has a recycling cord so it doesn't gobble up your fun.

Although smaller than the love egg, the bullet vibrator certainly has its own set of advantages. Narrow shapes are easier to grasp and hold. Their small size also makes them discreet and travel-friendly. But most importantly, the bullet vibrators for women concentrate their vibrations on a smaller tip, giving precise and precise stimulation to the clitoris, nipples, and many other neuro-rich spots on the body.

2.Attention control type

  • Control package

If you are looking for an easy to use vibrator operation - if you choose an accessory with a control pack, it won't break your budget. It attaches to a long line toy and can even connect wirelessly, allowing you to stimulate even hard-to-reach sexy areas. Whether you set the pace yourself or ask your partner to do so, they are perfect for the fun of being alone and together.

  • Wireless remote control

The remote vibrator is more expensive than the rope variety and can take your experience to a new level without the interference of winding wires. Another advantage is that they can operate up to 20 feet away, so you can use them carefully, even in public.

  • The button contro

This classic can be easily hidden in the palm of your hand and is small enough to store in your wallet or even in your pocket. The internal controls are quiet and discreet, using easy-to-use buttons: just one click to set them to motion. The toy loops through a series of patterns that allow you to turn it on and off at the end of the cycle. If you haven't finished your orgasm cycle, just press the button again and start again.

Egg and bullet vibrators for women may be minimal, but don't be fooled - they pack enough power and function to make any rabbit vibrator blush.

3.What are the coolest features?

  • waterproof

If you enjoy the heat and humidity, opt for a waterproof egg or bullet vibrator and enjoy shower or bath time.

  • charging

Tired of storing batteries? Rechargeable egg or bullet vibrator are the perfect solution. You'll spend a little "green" up front, but in the long run, you'll save money and get the batteries out of landfills, which makes your choice both economical and environmentally friendly!

  • Multi-function and multi-speed

Each hotspot has a special trigger. Choosing an atmosphere with different intensities and patterns is the best way to get the most pleasurable performance.

  • Ergonomic shape

These beautiful mini vibrators bend to suit your shape, and sometimes even have wings, feelers and other unique shapes to distribute their delicious buzz to your body's most favorable heat zone.

  • Double vibration

Some bullets, such as the Duet, have two vibration attachments. Share the vibrations with your partner, or keep them all to yourself, and enjoy the double stimulation at the same time, bringing fun to the ultimate solo.

  • Luxury and unique bullets

Some high-end egg and bullet vibrators for women combine multiple functions and take the original shape to provide an amazing sensory experience. Hula Beads have vibrating rotating tips that provide incredible pleasure and are just one good example of this bullet and egg crop.