Woman Sex

Although most people understand the truth that “men and women should enjoy sex life as well”, according to the survey, only 27.1% of women sex are very satisfied with their sexual life, 62.1% are satisfied, and 10.8% are Feeling not satisfied or very dissatisfied.

Undoubtedly, the emergence of sex products has completely divorced women's sexual activities from reproduction. "Sexual activities in modern society have been turning more and more from reproduction to happiness." Like men's products, there are "inflatable dolls", and there are also "adult inflatable dolls" in women's sex products. These items are currently in the online sex shop, and they are said to be based on some world-famous male stars, not only looks handsome, but also has a huge and solid body, "realistic color and shape, four The overflowing scent allows women to hold tightly, relying on his solid shoulders to drive away the long night of loneliness.

Woman sex toy type

For women, these women sex supplies sex toys can be roughly divided into two categories, one is to satisfy the desired type, and the other is to enhance the desired type.

Adult products that satisfy the desired type include simulation equipment, massage sticks, simulated male bodies, and the like.

Enhance the desire for adult products including lingerie, leg stockings and so on.

More and more women realize that they need more than just more sex life, but also need a better quality sex life, and it is these adult sex products, sex toys, lingerie and so on.

Woman sex product review

Contacting a woman sex product originated from a "strong recommendation" by a friend on the Internet. The woman named "Single to the end" confided in the chat room about the experience and feeling of using sex products. Everything is beautiful and full of temptation. That night, she browsed the Internet for the whole night and found what she expected. The first time I used it, the memory left for her was "lightning-like sputum, and it quickly filled the whole body. The feeling of wanting to die is really good." Miss Lin said that in fact, life is often a concept, concept Decide on behavior, behavior determines your gains and losses in life. For women sex use sex products, from the moment she decided to buy, she did not think too much. "I want to buy, I will buy it, this is no different from buying cosmetics." "If you want to take care of this and discuss it, then do you want to discuss eating? Is it necessary to discuss sleep?" she asked.

Women's sex toys make our sex more rich and interesting, make our sexual climax more perfect, and also have more game ways than the simple way of changing position. Gained more happiness. I feel that using them will not affect the quality of two people's love, but will only make it better and more fun. Everyone has the right to pursue happiness, including sex, without causing harm to others. However, the combination of love and sex is more perfect and more important. The VIVAAWA store can buy a variety of sex toys, you deserve the best.