Rabbit Vibrating Ring Male Sex Toys
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Is www sex toys easy to use? In some developing countries, although the traditional concept is still very strong, people's understanding of sex toys has begun to change. So, what is special about www sex toys? Is it good to use?

The role of www sex toys

Sex toys have improved effects on women with sexual sensation and men with dysfunction, or couples with middle-aged sex. In the eyes of sexologists, both men and women can solve their physiological needs with the help of auxiliary products. Not only can DIY not ask for help, but it will not affect or force others to act.

For the world-renowned gender health brand, after more than 80 years of testing, it has become synonymous with excellent quality and trusted by consumers around the world.

As a contraceptive tool, condoms are easier to use and have no side effects than other methods of contraception. The success rate of contraception is generally 97%, and users with special training can achieve a contraceptive success rate of 98%. So, what is the role of www sex toys? What is the www sex toys condom?

Can reduce the rate of disease infection

Proper use of condoms reduces the probability of contracting AIDS by 99.9% and the probability of contracting gonorrhea by 85%. However, it can not effectively prevent human papillomavirus (abbreviated as HPV, which can cause common warts and genital warts on the skin and mucous membranes near the reproductive organs), genital herpes simplex virus (HSV), syphilis and soft chancre, because sexually transmitted diseases can pass The area covered by the condom is in contact with the spread.

Introduction to vibration condom

The vibration condom should actually belong to www sex toys, because it resembles a ring or ring, after the ordinary male condom is taken, then put on www sex toys (also known as the vibration condom), open the switch, www The sex toys started to vibrate, and the principle is like this.

Vibration condom function

The advantage of the vibration condom is that the vibration condom can increase the pleasure and pleasure that can be enjoyed by men and women during the intercourse, and achieve a satisfactory balance between the two. The unique loop design can stimulate the male sponge body, which can prolong the firming and ejaculation time, help the male to boost the male wind, avoid impotence and premature ejaculation, and increase the female touch stimulation, and the pleasure is multiplied. When vaginal dryness occurs, it is recommended to use some K-Y lubricating fluid to solve the problem of vaginal dryness.

Appreciation www sex toys use method - safety instructions

After learning about the use of www toys, let's take a look at the safety instructions below. Use www sex toys, there are some safety instructions need to pay attention: this product is only suitable for adults, no contraceptive effect, please read the instructions carefully. This product should be stored in a ventilated, dry environment, away from direct sunlight, and there should be no corrosive chemicals around. This product can be washed with water, but since it contains a charging part, please do not put it in the water for a long time. The product quality meets the standards of the registered products and the quality is qualified. Disposal: According to the disposal of waste electrical and electronic products. The product shall be regarded as waste electrical and electronic equipment, and the corresponding waste electrical and electronic recycling station shall be received, and the general garbage disposal method shall not be applied.