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Bhabhi sex stories electric massage stick will cause me electric shock?

In the bhabhi sex stories, we asked the operators of sex toys for 20 years. They said: "We have never heard of electric massage sticks that cause people to get an electric shock. But judging by common sense, plug-in massage sticks are certainly not suitable for Used in the bathtub. The only case we have heard of using a massage stick is that a woman fell asleep on the jumping rabbit massage stick in the shock after the climax, and the result was burnt. "So I remember to use it." Turn off the power and go to sleep!

Does bhabhi sex stories make me feel dull?

Bhabhi sex stories use erotic toys to help you find high-rises, which is the clearest and most effective way to know. Long-term vibration may cause the body to feel short-term numbness. Just like other sexual behaviors, you may have to use a massage stick to toss for a whole day and then find the lower body sore, this is just to remind you not to do so for the next time. Sensitivity will recover, and you will soon be alive and well, don't worry.

How to maintain bhabhi sex stories?

Everything has to be taken care of for a long time. Bhabhi sex stories take care of your toys and it will reward you.

1. Remove the battery when not in use, do not leave it in the toy, otherwise, it will easily cause battery corrosion. The same goes for traveling abroad, and toys that suddenly start to shake will attract the attention of baggage security personnel.

2. Wash it with alcohol or warm water after use, then air dry. Be careful not to let the mechanical parts get wet, otherwise, your baby massage stick may become scrap iron.

3, a soft rubber massage stick outside a set of condoms, easier to clean afterward, the body will not directly touch the material of the massage stick. Unless the massage stick is silicone or wrapped in a condom, don't share it with others, even if the other person is your partner.

4. If you have more than two soft gel massage sticks, please keep them in a box, otherwise, it will be easy to dye the material. Place the wire of the plug-in massage stick with the host as far as possible. It is the dead hole of the massage stick. Many wands are broken like this.

5. If the massage stick is not a USB interface, always change the battery. If your favorite portable massage stick doesn't seem as brave as you just bought it, don't rush to throw it away, try a bunch of batteries.

Said so much, just want everyone to remember the most important point: bhabhi sex stories You are the owner of the toy, you can do anything to make yourself comfortable, you can just listen to your own needs. The massage stick is just a toy that won't affect your mind and will not hurt you. So friends who have tried or want to try, don't use any peace of mind! You will, therefore, have unprecedented happiness and satisfaction.