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Gents sex toys are not secret in contemporary society. After all, the market potential is very broad. In the gents sex toys, jumping eggs, inflatable dolls, gents sex toys, gents sex toys are one of the popular varieties, which can be said to satisfy the sex world of most people and men. Especially the gents sex toys are favored by women.

Agents sex toys gents sex toys special items in the massage stick

The demand for gents sex toys is increasing, so many manufacturers are producing them. Among them, agents' sex toys are one of the brands, and their reputation is still very good. It is very popular among many friends. So how do you use the agent's sex toys? is it harmful to the body?

Agents sex toys gents sex toys massage stick high-end atmosphere grade

The overall appearance of the agent's sex toys is elegant and elegant. Being carried in a backpack or placed anywhere in your home will not reveal what it doesn't want to be known. The vibrator, the built-in battery, and the real material used create a good mute effect when the "exquisite" vibration is absolutely your quiet and considerate sex partner; the solid body of the bar is completely seamless, creating 100 % waterproof function, you can enjoy the climax passion when you are bathing or showering.

Agents sex toys fun gents sex toys how to use

The use of agents' sex toys is very simple. Just follow the feelings, tease the sensitive parts, and gradually get deeper, so that the climax is surging. One charge, sustainable vibration for more than 5 hours, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, durable. Appropriate use is harmless to the body. Proper use can stimulate local nerves, promote blood circulation, regulate endocrine, avoid "disuse atrophy" of the vagina, achieve physical therapy, masturbation, and increase the interest of gents sex toys. It can also be used for couples to flirt, effectively improve the quality of sexual life, and the benefits to the body are still there.

The prostate is a common problem in the male genitourinary system. China is a country with a large population of prostate diseases in the world. Therefore, the prostate gents sex toys are specially developed for this case. Next, let's take a look at the information about the prostate gents' sex toys.

Prostate gents sex toys massage stick introduction

The prostate gents sex toys massager is agents sex toy massage treatment for prostate and prostate health. Also known as the prostate stimulator. Use the prostate gents sex toys massager, be sure to pay attention to its use, and pay attention to the possible harm. Non-medical instruments, belonging to general health gents sex toys.

Gents sex toys massage stick steps

1. Emptying stools;

2. Wash the gents sex toys with warm water and antibacterial soap, rinse with clean hot water, and dry gently with a towel or a soft cloth.

3. Use a water-soluble lubricating solution to moisturize the anus and insert the gents sex toys into the backrest section;