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Hot Indian sex stories Men and women do not need to get the climax. This is due to the physiological differences between men and women. The general male climax will be ahead of women. Men who reach the climax early can't continue to meet the needs of women. Synchronization will directly affect the quality of perfect sex life. Therefore, to achieve the perfect sexual love between the two parties, it is necessary to shorten the time for the early women to reach the climax and fully understand and recognize their physiological structure.

Men and women are slow, hot Indian sex stories. In both sexes, she is always slower than you. Can you satisfy her sexuality? You are already working hard, but she is always a little bit worse. She can't always be satisfied, she wants it, she wants to escape, and she is powerless. So male friends use sex toys to delay.

The perfect sex life will not only make each other feel the pleasure of climax but also enhance the emotional relationship between the two so that the feelings can be sublimated. Therefore, in addition to a full understanding of the self-body, hot Indian sex stories, the choice of sex in some sex toys will also help couples more perfect "sexual blessings".

Many people sigh that sex is like a flash in the pan, dreaming of marathon couple sex. New Zealand's large men's lifestyle network "get frank" latest article, published by New Zealand sexologist Sarah Gibson summed up the "secret of the sex marathon", for the majority of men's tricks.

Hot Indian sex stories extended sex time

Control drinking. A small amount of alcohol helps to relax and stimulate desire. However, excessive drinking can lead to drunkenness, and the harm to sex is self-evident. Excessive drinking will not only add strength to you but will make you sleepy and lead to a sex marathon. Therefore, smart men must control alcohol intake.

Hot Indian sex stories training. Different sexual attitudes can effectively control the stimulation. If you feel a little "weak", you may want to change your position or simply stop for a while. This is a delicate balancing technique that requires multiple training sessions over time. It should be borne in mind that the sex marathon does not stop because of the climax, and can continue after a short break.

Lasting and lasting. Hot Indian sex stories men's sex life is short, in fact, for men, sexual intercourse can promote the relationship between husband and wife, but the short lifetime is a big disadvantage, and women can not be satisfied because of the climax, sexual life is not satisfied to Make trouble.

During the sex marathon, it is not necessary to spend 100% of the time for sexual intercourse. Hot Indian sex stories can be used to imagine or try some novel ways to stimulate sex, such as the appropriate use of sex toys, sex toys and so on. If you want to have a long-term sex life, you can use delaying products to make your love time longer. The way sex is not changed. It is a surprise to continue to innovate.