How To Make Sex Toys For Men

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How To Make Sex Toys For Men

It doesn't make any sense. We don't even care.

The World Cup in Brazil is just days away, and people around the world are frantically stockpiling... Sex toys. Wait, what? Sex and sports are more common than ratings. Four out of every five sex toys men buy during major sporting events during one week.

The bizarre phenomenon has been tracked from the us and UK to Spain, Japan and Australia. How to make sex toys for menIt was noticed before the super bowl, the NBA finals, the tour DE France, etc. So what did they buy? While male shoppers typically buy couples' products, there has been a big increase in the number of female-centric toys bought during this period. Men buy bedroom accessories for their partners to make up for the fact that they spend more time on the TV screen than in bed.

But stick with it -- that explanation can't be what drives business, because so many women are watching sports, too.How to make sex toys for men?When sports-induced excitement reaches an all-time high, perhaps men will find more unique ways to fuel their passions and frustrations. Who knows, but of course we don't complain.

Male buyers already account for more than 80 per cent of total sex toy sales. No matter why they do it, at least we know they want you to achieve your goals. So if your guy is preparing for the World Cup, feel free to open his list of sex toys on his smartphone... Just in case.