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What does indian real sex look like? Next is an interview:

S The first sexual relationship was with her husband, she was 17 years old, and her husband was 25 years old. They were dairy farmers in the Sanli district of Maharashtra. They had two children in the first five years of their marriage. Sex life is not bad, not very good, but at least she got it, then her husband started drinking, and the more he drank, the weaker the relationship, the less frequent the sex, and he was drunk most of the time. There is almost no mood, she wants to love, but she also wants sex. She told him that her body was "burned by fire", he said, "a little shame, you have two children now, who instilled these ideas into your mind? Koi yaar hai kya? ,indian real sex So she stopped asking, she continued to work in the field, raising children, caring for livestock, selling milk, and later her husband became ill. A husband of her husband came to help, took her husband to the hospital to buy medicine and even paid bills occasionally. S feels that his attraction is getting bigger and bigger. He is also married. They fall in love and then have a sexual relationship. It is said to her husband that sex seems to be a task. She feels that indian real sex is like this. Making love will stay in bed for two or three hours. This is not like a job. This is true sex. She can tell him what he wants to do in bed, he tells her what she wants, and her husband died two years ago. She now has a relationship with another man who is four years younger than her.

We will talk about the stomach's desire for food. Why do we pretend that there is no sexual desire? You need a person who can satisfy you both mentally and physically. Indian real sex is a woman's life. It is not just working in the heavens and the earth, eating in the house, eating two meals, and then lying at the end of the day like wood. I also need it, what should I do? Sex is an important part of our lives. It can make people feel refreshed and life is full of energy, even if some of us often deny this in our lives.

Introduction to indian real sex

The study, supported by the federal government's health survey, found that rural women had earlier sex life and higher sexual life than urban women, and they had more sexual partners in their lives. Although the number of women we encounter in this story is difficult to represent how rural women control their desires, I have found that among the women who talked, there have been many obvious feelings of openness and attitudes with desire as a basic need.

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