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Which country in the world cares most about sex? The answer may be "India". India's "Outlook" magazine recently conducted a survey of Indian citizen sex in a famous condom company.

1. Indian sexual investigation

An Indian and a reporter from the LifeTimes said that locals have time to make love, so the population is growing very fast. although this is a joke, it shows from one aspect that the Indians have more sexual behavior. But unfortunately, although Indians Only love 130 times a year, their love time is only about 10 minutes, far below the world average of 18 minutes. This is because most Indians live in large families. The phenomenon of three generations of the same family and the same family is very Common. People have almost no private space, so they can only secretly make love. But in fact, Indians are very eager for sex.

2. Indian sex website

In India, people prefer to buy sex dolls online. The products on the Internet are mixed and the materials are different. How to buy better quality products? You can pay attention to the official website to buy sex products.

3. Indian sex toys

*refer to items used for direct output or input stimulation. They are mainly: sex dolls, sex toys, and vibrators.

[Sex dolls use rubber or plastic materials to make as many dolls as possible, usually with air. Then create or install some fake vagina, breasts, mouth, anus or penis in the corresponding parts, so buyers can be with the doll "sex" Some dolls also add hair, lubricate or oscillate equipment.

*Vibrators usually refer to motors that can oscillate and twitch through various workpieces that simulate the penis. Some vibrators also have something attached to the oscillations that stimulate the clitoris and anus...

Sex toys are more extensive and can cover sex dolls and vibrators, but can also include a variety of other specific items.

2. This refers to the main auxiliary or protective effect of sexual activity. The most common are various lubricating fluids, which can be directly used for inserting sexual intercourse, caressing sensitive sexually sensitive parts, sexual massage, etc. Condoms are used for prevention. Condoms" for STDs and AIDS, and then it can also be counted as adult sex products.

3. This refers to a variety of sexy underwear, decorations, and cosmetics for the body and sexual organs. The most common are fur or leather bra, briefs, pajamas, garters, chest straps, etc.

4. This refers to a variety of items used to enhance direct physical stimulation, mainly candles, whip, scorpion, chain, rope, lock, sputum, etc. They generally do not cause serious harm to the body, can be used by people with sexual Life to have Men or women who are prone to self-abuse can also be used as an aid to strong stimulation.

4. Where are the Indian sex toys purchased?

All sex toys sold by VIVAAWA are made of baby skin-like silicone material, which is more skin-friendly, softer and richer, to meet all your needs.

The history of Indian sexual culture has a long history, and the exploration of sex has never stopped. The demand for sex toys is self-evident, and Indians pay more attention to the quality of sexual life.