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When it comes to indin sex culture, everyone may immediately think of the "saint" of India. The young girl is a sexual tool for the public, which is unbelievable to foreigners. It is really puzzling that the monks "quit the ban" and "quite the color", and India is so popular. When you have an understanding of Indian culture, you won't be surprised.

Indian culture

Indian religious traditions mainly include Hinduism and Buddhism. Generally speaking, Buddhism generally emphasizes asceticism more than Hinduism, but it is not the same for all sects and periods. Hinduism itself has different neutral concepts in different sects, some are completely indulgent, while others are absolutely abstinence. A long time ago, Indians created a very developed ancient civilization in the Indus Valley. In 2500-1500 BC, the Aryans conquered India, and the Indian civilization quickly declined. Although people don't know much about the culture at the time, they clearly reflect the relationship between indin sex and religion in the remains of ancient buildings.

Indin sex is an important part of the cycle of life; therefore, reproduction and sexuality are the most critical connections in life. Thus even the ascetic traditions in Hinduism and Buddhism do not favor the prohibition of sex and sexual life in order to free more people from suffering. But these traditions believe that people should abandon the pursuit of sexual freedom, marriage and family, because they will affect people's progress towards happiness and paradise. Another tradition that contradicts this is that sexual life is the only way for people to enter heaven.

Around 563-483 BC, the founder of Buddhism, Sakyamuni, created a way of life that has been used by future generations to escape the secular world of seclusion, so that people can get rid of the pain. Create a new way of life, free yourself from sexual desire, survivability and ignorance, and become a person who no longer fully obeys nature. His way of surpassing human suffering is to achieve the blessing of paradise and nirvana by giving up all kinds of desires and achieving the blessings of "emptiness" and "transcendentity". The monks must abide by the Buddha's "eight precepts", adhere to the doctrine of the mean, self-discipline and meditation, and transcend asceticism and worldly desires. After the ninth century AD, Buddhism lost its Hinduism in India and thus continued to decline.

Indian temple sex

Medieval Hindu temples are filled with a large number of indin sex sculptures. These unique arts are extremely valuable throughout the Indian erotic art. These masterpieces based on various legends of the epic period have always been respected by future generations. The sexual intercourse of the temple saint is not only for the desire, but also for the worship of God. These women regard themselves as women who serve God, and thus their lasciviousness is not blamed by the public.

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