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Mini vibrators are powerful but discreet, stimulating everything from the nipple to the g-spot for a powerful orgasm. If you're just beginning to explore the wonderful world of sex toys, they're a good place to start. For other small but powerful sex toys, check out our nipple toys, love eggs and Cockrings.. Remember - it's not the size that matters; How much fun it provides. Recently there have been a series of mini vibrators masquerading as basic non-heterosexual cosmetics - artificial lipstick, mascara tube, blush brush and mirror-tight, each with a two-mode buzz: "please" and "tease" why make up? Not because they all add color to your cheeks. It's called "fashion conscious" and every little happiness bar is thrown in your bag, so it's convenient... Well, when you need it most.

  • Nipple toys

Both men and women are sensitive to sexy areas, and nipples can bring you pleasure. Whether you're working alone or with your partner, nipple play is a fun not to be missed. Resist the urge to reduce and focus your attention on improving your sexual experience.

  • Love the egg

Small and discreet, the remote mini vibrator is a bullet or egg-shaped sex toy with its own independent controller. The larger egg-shaped mini vibrator is designed to insert the vagina and rest against the g-spot. Smaller bullet mini vibrators can be inserted or placed on the clitoris and secured in place using underwear.

  • Cockrings

Cock Ring is known in international media as a "giant" and a man's accessory. Cock Ring, regardless of age, sexual orientation or body type, is a highly functional masterpiece, worshipped by all men, gay men or gay men, solo or charming partner games, as the only occasions where works of art and imagination are agreed upon.