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Adult products online sex toy good long-term use is good? An adult sex toy is a kind of artificial adult sex toy that can be divided into male and female dolls, and many young people buy online sex toys to meet their physiological needs. So, is the adult sex toy easy to use?

Adult sex appliances online sex toy long-term use?

Of course not good, if a person is too dependent on online sex toy, satisfied with an online sex toy, may cause social phobia, cause communication difficulties with people, even too lazy to communicate with others, too lazy to cultivate feelings with people may also Occurrence may also result in fetishism.

Construction of online sex toy

Adult sex toys online sex toy scientific lower body structure, intelligent vibration frequency, negative pressure vagina produces a regular siphonic contraction, with your sexual experience, put pressure on the doll, the greater the pressure, the secret of the internal structure Tighter. If you have a problem with vaginal dryness, try using K-Y lubricant.

Online sex toy use taboo

The internal structure of the body is set by imitating the movements of the human body. The reverse bending or excessive force of the hands and feet will cause a fracture or internal structural damage and reduce the service life. In particular, the lifting of the upper arm should not exceed 80 degrees, otherwise, the underarm silicone will be torn and cannot be repaired. When the joint is bent, the surface of the silicone will be creased and will slowly recover when unfolded. When storing, it is better to straighten your limbs or face them in the sky.

Adult products online sex toy good long-term use is good? Thinking about it with your adult sex toy for a lifetime, why spend time and energy to cultivate relationships with others. This is very bad. An online sex toy is pros and cons, the key point is not to rely too much on, otherwise, the consequences are very serious, a little to meet yourself when you can not meet.

Men's sex products masturbation devices usually have their lubricating fluid, which is given to you by the manufacturer, but the manufacturers usually send different lubricating fluids, so you can buy some lubricating fluids while buying men's sex products. go back!

It is necessary to use lubricating fluids for men's sex products because men's sex products do not secrete love liquids like women, so that your sex is lubricated. Only when the lubricating fluid is abundant, can you feel the pleasure?

It can be applied to your glans, or it can be applied to the masturbation mouth of men's sexual health products, but don't worry too much. If you are in the process of activation, if you are exposed, you can fill the lubricant!

Some users have reported that the vaginal entrance of the purchased device is too small, only the chopsticks are so thick, the penis is mainly unable to enter!

There are some men's sex products in China. When designing, it is appropriate to design the vaginal opening very small, but you don't have to worry about entering the problem. Men's sex products are highly flexible. You don't have to worry about the younger brother entering. Squeeze, you only need to apply some lubricating fluid to the vaginal opening of men's sex products, so that the penis can be fully erected, you can enter with force!