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Although many men do not care about the size of the penis, they are very concerned about the depths of their hearts. I want to increase my penis and I am ashamed to open a consultation with a doctor. I am afraid of side effects when taking medicine. So many people choose the penis vibration ring to increase the penis. So, can the penis ring increase the penis? Is the vibrator harmful to the human body?

Can shaking the penis ring increase the penis?

Frequent use of vibrating penis ring is easy to generate dependence? The vibrating penis ring has a vibration function with the main purpose of prolonging time, enhancing vitality and sexual energy. The design of the vibrating ring has its unique and ingenious features. The two annular spaces in the middle are not only material saving, but also solve the tension and tension, buffer the tightening force, and avoid congestion caused by long-term use, causing damage to men. At the G point, acute and extremely dolphins are designed, which are full of bumps that stimulate women. It allows users to experience the ultimate sexual life in the “over-the-power” shock. It can timely and effectively compensate for the inadequacy and embarrassment of men and women. The vibration time of the penis ring is about 25-40 minutes, so you can enjoy unlimited life.

Vibrating penis ring function

1. With the shock of vibration, the penis ring increases the joy and pleasure during the process of intercourse.

2. In the case of a condom not in use, the penis ring can still be used alone.

3, the penis ring should be shared by men and women, or DIY for men and women themselves.

4, the penis ring uses weak DC power, the packaging is vacuum-packed, emphasizing safety, health and comfort, the vibrator directly contacts the sensitive female **, which helps the foreplay and afterward caress.

5, the function of the vibrating penis ring helps men to boost the male and phoenix, no longer rely on drugs, long-term use can avoid impotence and premature ejaculation.

6, the size of the penis ring just makeup, the human body gap when men and women do not affect the length of the male penis more effective direct contact with the female sensitive clitoris.

So, is the vibration penis ring harmful to the human body?

Doctor: This situation should be based on no scientific basis. There should be no benefit. But generally, it will not be harmful to health.

Asked: The penis squeezed the penis ring for a long time, and the binding will cause the blood of the penis to become unreasonable and necrotic.

Reply: No.

According to the principle of medical bionics, the penis ring regulates endocrine through selective massage, vibration, and other multi-functional irritating sensitive areas, and is cold in females, cold in males, premature diarrhea, lack of orgasm or libido. The organization, to achieve sexual physiological balance, and ultimately achieve the purpose of improving sexual function, absorption of fun. As with condoms, putting a penis ring on the base of the penis and then tightening the ring can effectively prevent premature ejaculation or increase sexual intercourse. It is recommended to use condoms and lubricants.