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Penis Sleeve In India

6 Inch Penis Sleeve With Vibration
₹3,801.0 ₹1,900.0

There will be no more boring nights, just nights full of desire, passion and lots of moaning from yo..

6.2 Inch Penis Sleeve Sex Toys For Boys
₹3,272.0 ₹1,549.0

Do you like making her groan!In case you need to step up your sex life and enjoy hours of hot sex wi..

Crystal Sleeve Massager With Multifunction Vibrator
₹2,999.0 ₹2,199.0

You’ve Been Pimped! Put the bling back in your bedroom with this pimped-out pleasure vibe. Covered i..

Male Soft Silicone Cock Penis Sleeve Extension Extender Adult Toys
₹4,536.0 ₹2,948.0

Male Soft Silicone Cock Penis Sleeve Extension Extender Adult Toys..

Penis Extender Sleeve Male Sex Toys India
₹3,223.0 ₹2,417.3

Penis Extender Sleeve Male Sex Toys India..

Penis Sleeve With Vibration Pretty Rabbit
₹4,031.0 ₹2,090.0

If you want to have an amazing time in the bedroom, the Pretty Love Penis Sleeve with Vibrating Bull..

Realistic Penis Sleeve Extender Cock Sleeve Enhancer Sex Toy India
₹3,223.0 ₹2,417.3

Made of high quality liquid silicone. Waterproof, soft, skin-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, ela..

Realistic Silicone Big Penis Sleeve Penis Extender Condom For Male Enlarger
₹4,536.0 ₹2,948.0

Turn your penis into an instant pleasure machine with the incredible Fantasy Penis tensions!Your Fan..

Realistic Soft Silicone Penis Sleeves Extender Enlarger Flesh Enhance Adult Sex Toy for Men
₹4,536.0 ₹2,948.0

Take Your Intimate Pleasure To The Next Level With This Penis Sleeve!Get The Length & Girth You ..

Realistic Vibrating Penis Sleeve For Couple Sex Toys
₹2,530.0 ₹1,897.5

Design: beautiful appearance design and ergonomic modeling structureMaterial: high quality TPE, safe..

Vibrating Penis Sleeve India Sex Toy for Male
₹4,235.0 ₹1,600.0

This vibrating penis sleeve is a magical sex toy that will bring back your sex life magic.The elegan..

Vibrators Penis Extension Sleeve For Man Sex Adult Products
₹2,233.0 ₹1,674.8

The product has a high elastic lock ring to effectively extend the sex life of men, enhance male sel..

7 Strong Speed Enhance Exercise Penis Strengthen Sheath Glans Trainer
₹2,728.0 ₹2,046.0

Features:It can keep you strong7 Strong Speeds glans trainer, stimulate your glansLong-term training..

Black Silicone Penis Sleeve Penis Extender Male Enlarger
₹4,502.0 ₹2,926.0

Get Big! Make All Your Fantasies Come True With These Mega Extenders!The soft Penis Sleeve material ..

Brown Dots Penis Sleeve Male Sex Toy

This penis extender fits perfectly to your penis for penetration that will make you discover new sen..

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Penis sleeves are a cool way to change the size and shape requirements of your cock.

Putting on cock sleeves will feel good for your partner and will make you more satisfied to please them while having sex. The degree of sensation you experience depends on the type of cock sleeve you choose and what the internal texture looks like.

What is a penis sleeve?

Although we like to believe that size doesn't matter, the truth is that many men are not secure about their penis size. But surgical enhancements can be expensive and dangerous-and they usually don't increase the length of an erect penis at all! Why take a risk when you can use a penis instead?

Penis condoms are an easy and affordable way to add some size to your penis-temporarily-while having sex with your partner.

Penis sleeves can be increased in length, perimeter, texture, or both.

Most penis sleeves slide onto the penis and sit comfortably on the base with an optional ball strap to ensure they stay in place. Some have added spines and even built-in vibrators, others have open tips or sides to increase stimulation. Although putting on a penis may reduce some sensations, the real joy is that your other half wears an extra cock or two.

How to use a penis sleeve

If you haven't used a penis before, you may find it a little tricky.

They are like dildos worn by men.

It's best to wear sleeves when you have an erection or semi-erection for the best fit. You can use condoms or not.

If you use waterproof sleeves, it's best to heat them in water before putting them on. This will bring it closer to the temperature of your body and make it more comfortable for you and your partner.

Next, apply a lot of oil to your penis and sleeves. This will make it easier for you to slide up. If your sleeve is closed at the top, squeeze it to remove most of the air. Just like a condom, you don't want air bubbles inside, otherwise it won't be so safe. Push your penis as far as it will go.

Now, pass your scrotum through the ball band (if your sheath has one) one ball at a time. This is the most uncomfortable part before you get used to it. If it's a little tight, be gentle and try until both balls have been played.

that's it! Now you are ready to play!

in conclusion

The penis is the most underrated sex toy. Even men with large or medium penis can enjoy them. There are penis sheaths of various shapes and sizes, so you can explore fantasy cocks, spine cocks, extra girth, length, and more. Don't worry if your penis is the correct shape or size-it can be any shape you want with a silicone penis sheath!