Premature Ejaculation

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Return to bed after treatment for premature ejaculation

Treating the physical problems associated with premature ejaculation is sometimes only half the problem. Some saints suggested returning to the saddle.

Even if you have trouble with premature ejaculation and find a treatment that can help you stay in bed for a long time, you may still experience other side effects. When it comes to intimacy, like sex, you get stuck in your skin every time. No doubt, after dealing with PE, your confidence will be a little shaken.

Go back to bed after treatment for premature ejaculation and focus on intimacy and intimacy with your partner - not "performance". Honestly evaluating your sexual behavior, communicating with your partner, and slowing things down are the best ways to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Get ready to be intimate again

Before you jump on the bed, do some system checks.

Do you feel healthy? If a deeper physical problem triggers your PE, have you solved the problem?

Do you have everything you need, including lubricating oil to reduce friction? If you are using Promescent Climax Control Spray, do you know how to use it for maximum effectiveness? Have you discussed these issues with your partner so they know what to expect?

Give it a try

Finally, do you have any plans for setbacks? Knowing how you will handle stress or new or changed feelings can help you roll with your fists during sex.

Tell me about it

Talking to your partner should be the first step towards the sexy age. Share your feelings with them, including fear and embarrassment. Sex is wonderful when it really makes you feel it. Here are some preliminary talking points you might want to discuss:

Tell me how far you are. "I've been trying, but I think I've found a treatment that works for me. That's how it works. "

Be open to possible speed bumps. "I may need to slow down to do what I want, so if you notice that, that's the plan."

Share some sexy thoughts. "I've been waiting to be intimate with you, but I haven't forgotten my love for your body. Let me count my thoughts on you. "

Put a third party in the equation

No, not a tee (unless that's your business). We're talking about a neutral third party that you can talk to, like a therapist. There's nothing shameful about sex therapy, and if you're worried about your performance, it's helpful to talk to people who have actually heard and seen it.

In fact, combination therapy and drug therapy (even if it is an over-the-counter therapy like Promescent) can be most helpful in coping with PE.

"Combination drugs and psychotherapy are the most promising interventions for lifelong and acquired PE, and are more effective when used alone," Stanley e. Althof said in a 2016 study published in the journal of translational andrology and urology. "This is because men and couples learn sexual skills and address the inner, interpersonal and cognitive problems that cause and maintain dysfunction."

Want some help? The American association of sex educators, the association of counselors and therapists (AASECT), or the association of sex therapists and research all have online databases that you can use to find sex therapists in your area.

Take your time

When you're recovering from a drought, "next time" isn't necessarily "the best time." Don't push yourself to be a bed vet, especially if you're a little tentative.

Instead, focus on having fun together. Try a dress up class. Check out Netflix and what's cool. Cook a romantic dinner together - earn bonus points if you feed each other.

Or try something that doesn't involve intercourse - it can be a great way to get to know each other's bodies again without seeing a big end. Try sleeping naked and enjoying skin contact with your partner - don't initiate sex. Or masturbate (alone or together)! Exploring your body alone can help you understand yourself and what it is that wakes you up. Don't forget to compare notes later.

Finally, keep in mind that you may need to work a little harder. After the drought, both women and men need to remember how to integrate physically and emotionally. You know it's worth the wait.