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S She squeezes milk every day, her arms hurt. Sometimes, even the road from the field to her home is too long, too lonely. Her family does not allow widows to remarry, but for her, eagerness and pursuit are not What needs social recognition, she said, if she has been worried about Ki log kya kahenge (what people will say), who would worry about her? After her first sex for 20 years, it is not only men who give orders in the bedroom, and sex never ends, until S also has a climax.

The 30-year-old M is from a small village on the border of Madhya Pradesh. She said that women usually don't know what she wants in the first few years of sexual maturity. She is married at 17 and divorced after seven years. Sex life is very bad because Often not satisfied, and because she doesn't know much about her body, now her second marriage, she didn't find anything strange when she was in bed when two people were lying on the bed, she said. Everyone has their way of getting happiness, and unfortunately when it comes to sex, women are most dissatisfied.

Men come, they leave when they do, but if we want what we want, we can ask for it, but only if we want to know.

In the village of Mangle in the Sangli area, there is a 34-year-old woman who made a wooden thing that looks a bit like a rolling pin but thicker on the edge. For others, the fantasy involves a man. Instead of inanimate objects.

In a study conducted by Nirantar as part of a sex workshop, the girls shared a variety of fantasies, one of whom said she wanted to wear sexy lingerie, some girls wanted to cut their hair and walk hand in hand with male friends.

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