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When it comes to Khajuraho, many people are entitled to "sexuality." The main reason is that some of the carvings on the walls of the temple are related to sex. Sex India only has a three-dimensional sculpture on the outer wall. At first sight, it can be described as "shock", and the exquisite carving brings us into a different realm.

Sex sculpture

The main hall of the temple and the outer wall of the synagogue are surrounded by three layers of high-relief sashes. The sashes are engraved with men and women, zombies, tree gods, goddesses, ladies, dancers, lovers, and monsters. The niches, columns, arches, and brackets are decorated with various statues. It is said that there are a total of 872 statues inside and outside the temple, and the most conspicuous gold position, sex India is a bloody sex carving. The sculpture of the Khajuraho Temple is a mature Baroque style in India. It pursues a luxurious and luxurious decoration, emphasizing the dynamics of distorted exaggeration. The sex India is especially keen on rendering the female body and the stimulating scene of men and women, then Orissa of India (Orissa) ) Engraving is more provocative and attractive. I have never been to Orissa, but I know the Baroque style that is full of exaggeration, grandeur and dynamic. Sex India is bold, exaggerated, and full of styles. It is almost a classic sex class. In addition to normal sexual love, there are still group sex, caress, teasing, and even human beasts. There are repetitions in the statue. To say pornography, the scene is indeed extremely sensual. There is a woman who grabs the monster's tail and touches her bare breasts. She leans back and looks intoxicated. The monster looked back and lifted it as if it were trying to cooperate. All sculptures are strongly expressed in love and reproduction, breasts and fat arms, and willow eyes and plum blossoms. This statue of the male and female sex is the "Madonna" in Indian art. At the feet of naked women, sex India has many children with different looks, or look around, or hold legs, or play, very rich in life.

Sexual Indian story

The most popular festival in ancient India is to celebrate the festival of sex India, the Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival, people dance, sing, hold various music and art activities, and enjoy the game. The festive atmosphere makes people no longer care about the difference between the upper and lower levels. They paint red sand powder on the streets and spills. Red powder water, free to play and play, so the sex India Spring Festival can also be said to be the ancient Indian carnival. I can't tell you from what era, smearing red powder and splashing red water. Red, its original meaning may be a symbol of fertility, but even in the initial stage, its meaning has been replaced by carnival. In contemporary India, Holly is the most important festival in India. People have forgotten that this festival evolved from the festival of love, but although the name has changed, its content and essence are as always: extensive and grand carnival, sex India is more intense in the carnival, people are also unfettered and somewhat indulgent in words and behavior.

Erotic sex India

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