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In many sex Indian sculptures, sex sculptures are very attractive to tourists.

Chinese people used to regard love as something that life is ashamed of. However, in India, it is a philosophy, even a religion. This is a unique love in the world, which is called "Kamasutra" by people in India. The gesture of love, the skill of love, and the harmony of love are given a complex meaning that makes it difficult for us to understand.

The Khajuraho sex sculpture group appeared on the Jongmyo architecture, and it seems that the two are mutually exclusive, but they are closely combined here. This is also related to Tantfism, which was popular during the Zhang Della Dynasty. Tandoori is an Indian sect. It was born from Hinduism around the 5th to 9th centuries and mainly promotes some religious ideas related to sex. The cosmology of the secret mysticism believes that through imaginary or real male and female sex, you can experience the bliss of the same spirit and the same spirit as the universe. This kind of sexual ritual or sexual yoga is seen as a shortcut to soul liberation.

Sex Indian Khajurahosi temple group

The Varaha Temple was built between 900 and 925. The temple is supported by 12 pillars and has a pyramidal roof. The temple is dedicated to the wild boar of the third incarnation of Vishnu God - the statue of "Walcha". The sex Indian sculpture is carved from huge monolithic sandstone and is 2.6 meters long and 1.7 meters high. The sculpture of the wild boar engraved between the nose and the mouth depicts the goddess (Salava Swati) holding Veena in her arms. Sex Indian is engraved with many characters throughout the body. The Lakshmana Temple, opposite the Waraha Temple, was built in 939 and is the most preserved temple in the site. The temple was built on a stone pedestal 2 meters high, and the temple more than 20 meters high was also made of pieces of stone. Each stone is a stone sculpture. These stone sculptures are not simple relief patterns, but three-dimensional sculptures of characters and animals. Thousands of stone carvings have become a temple. The temple of Lakshmana is dedicated to the protection of the god Vishnu, which is marked by a three-faced sculpture consisting of a lion's head, a wild boar head, and a human face. There are many statues in the shrine. A charming statue of the goddess. Approaching the ancient temple is amazing, so the exquisite ancient temple is not so much a place of worship, but rather a great masterpiece of carving art. Among the many sculptures, sex Indian sex sculpture is very attractive to tourists.

In India, sex Indian is a philosophy, even a religion. This is a unique love in the world, which is called "Kamasutra" by people in India. The gesture of love, the skill of love, and the harmony of love are endowed by the ancient Indians with a complex meaning that is difficult for us to understand. Lifelike carvings, full of life and fun.

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Anal Indian

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