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Sex story india describes the egg jumping, its main function is to emit continuous adjustable high-frequency vibration to achieve massage and stimulation of sensitive parts of women. Thereby promoting the harmony of sexual life between husband and wife, and enhancing the feelings of both sides. Below I will give you a detailed introduction to several fun jumping eggs. Sex stories India wants to choose a vibrating egg that suits you. First of all, you need to understand the basic classification of jumping eggs. The jumping eggs can be divided into basic jumping eggs, multi-shocking eggs, soft vibrating eggs, double-shocking eggs, one shocking and jumping eggs, pronunciation jumping eggs, and special-shaped jumping eggs. Wait.

Sex stories India--Basic jumping eggs

The simplest and basic vibrating egg-hopping egg, the vibration frequency is continuously adjustable (suitable for middle-aged women, or women with strong sexual desire)

Sex stories India

Based on a single vibration in Sex stories India, there are 7 different frequency vibration modes, such as continuous vibration, vibration for 5 seconds, one second, vibration for one second, one second, one second, one vibration, continuous vibration for 5 seconds. The vibration amplitude is from strong to strong, the advantage of this kind of jumping egg is that it can be suitable for different women's stimulation requirements for the part of the feeling, (suitable for women with high sexual requirements)

Sex stories India

This kind of jumping egg is almost the same as the basic jumping egg. In different places, the surface of the vibrating egg is covered with a layer of soft latex, which makes the vibration more delicate. It is suitable for women who have no sexual experience. The soft rubber on the surface can quickly adapt to the surface of the body. The temperature is not very cool when used in winter.

Sex stories India--double shock vibrating egg

As the name implies, it is a vibrating egg with two vibrating heads. Sex stories India can also be divided into simple double shock and double-headed 7 vibrating eggs. It is a bit of a stimulating part of the female sense. Care for all women's feelings, suitable for women who like alternative sex and demanding sex foreplay.

Sex stories India--a shocking egg

This kind of jumping egg can also be said to be a combination of jumping eggs and utensils. It is a vibrating stick plus a vibrating egg. When you use the vibrating egg to stimulate, you can also insert the vibrating rod into a more intimate part, perhaps when you have personal time. A perfect sex experience (suitable for single women)

Sex stories India - the pronunciation of jumping eggs 

Is to add a pronunciation function based on ordinary jumping eggs, is your romantic foreplay more romantic and passionate. (suitable for girls who have sex for the first time and have no experience)

Sex stories India--Sex stories India is a product that evolved based on basic jumping eggs. Some can be placed on the base of the penis to stimulate the part of the lover's mind between you. Such as vibration condoms, vibration lock fine rings and so on.

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