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Sex toy: BDSM, vibrator, fleshlight, bullets egg, prostate massager, sex doll, these are all sex toy. A tool used in sexual life to stimulate human sexual organs or to provide a tactile sensation similar to human sexual organs. In addition to the popular meanings mentioned above, some of the furnishings or small toys that are sexually meaningful are also sex toy.

There are three types of sex toy.

Men's appliances: Sex toy designed to release male sexual desires, mostly to simulate female lower body or female overall shape. The materials used are mostly silica gel, soft rubber and other materials to achieve a human-like effect.

Women's appliances: Sex toy designed to meet the female sexual needs, mostly rods, such as dildos, vibrator, anal beads, various materials.

Flirting and teasing toys: As a flirt between lovers, it has the tools to enhance sexual desire, stimulate the body's sensitive points, and create a sexual atmosphere, such as bullets egg, bondage, chastity belt, nipple clamps, sex handcuffs, ball gag, chastity cage.

There are many types of female sex toy.

There are many types of female sex toy, which can be described as strange. The flexible use of female sex toy can significantly adjust the quality of sexual life between couples and improve the relationship between husband and wife.

These products fundamentally simulate the so-called sexual organs of men, which can directly bring impacts visually, and are basically used to insert into the vagina (not to exclude a small number of specially designed products containing G-spot stimulation and the like), general materials. There are very soft and flexible, which makes people love it. Basically, these products have the function of vibration, which can adjust the frequency of vibration. The products with suction cup can also fix the posture and facilitate the more creative game choice. Sex toy have the most potential for explosive orgasm.

The bullets egg not only has the most basic piston function, but is often used as a flirt. You can use it as a venting scent. It can also be used by both men and women. It can stimulate the clitoris, even the back court, and the handle switch. , adjust the vibration speed to the appropriate frequency. A strong sense of vibration will definitely give you an unexpected surprise. At the same time, some product designs also come with the function of flashing lights. Can you imagine how much fun in sex life will increase? Whether it is between men, women and husbands, it is the most ideal sex toy. At the same time, the female sex toy has stronger privacy and is easier to collect without being discovered.

Stimulating sex toy

This type of female sex toy is a special female sex toy that is generally 6-8 inches long and can be bent. This curved design can touch any part, allowing you to experience the special stimulation of the G point. Strictly speaking, the G-spot stimulator is not entirely in the category of female sex toy. The boys also know that the strange stimulation it brings in the anal sex game can reach the prostate. For entry-type appliances, a completely alternative stimulus is provided, and women who have a vaginal orgasm love it.

Telescopic beaded sex toy

Also known as the telescopic bead stick, combined with the bullets egg, G-spot stimulation, dildos…

A variety of different functions, can be described as super cost-effective high-tech sex toy, the head imitates the dildo can swing, with a small brush that stimulates the clitoris, the ball can stimulate the G point, such female sex toy let women outbreak instinct The possibility is never lost to the dildo.

The average adult toy is made of silicone and is a softer material. Proper maintenance is important, otherwise it may cause the silicone to deteriorate, peel off or crack.

Before opening the package, please avoid sharp objects such as nails, scissors, and the edges of the box, which may damage adult toys. When used, it must be used with a lubricant. Lubricants are recommended for water-based lubricants. Some adult toys may dissolve when they encounter oily lubricants. In use, if the water-based lubricant is dry, it must be added with appropriate amount of water to moisten it to avoid damage to the inside or outside of the adult toy. After use, just rinse thoroughly with clean water, avoid using shower gel, soap, detergent, etc. Detergents are usually alkaline and can damage a layer of oil that protects the surface of adult toys, causing degradation of the silicone. When storing, be sure to dry the inside and the surface. It is recommended to put it on the clean, smooth surface, prevent the water from being lost (recommended to use a small plastic bag), and store it in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight.