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Sex toyes, from the name of the name, can understand its role, both sexual delay, and vibration. After wearing the sex toys, let each impact accompany the vibration, accurately stimulating her sensitive points, let her sex orgasm continue. Sex toyes are worn by one person, and they enjoy each other. Sex is passionate.

Advantages of sex toyes

Sex toyes, also known as the shock ring, innovative soft rubber bulge, give her a strong sexual stimulation; the shock is more intense 30%: strong vibration brings a sense of tidal surge, let her get crazy! High-quality powerful motor, more passionate! High-quality medical silicone, not only comfortable to wear, but also safe, reliable and comfortable for the human body. Excellent elastic material, close to the penis, slowing the blood backflow, and the fiber length of the spongy muscle is increased, effectively extending the sex time! Let passion last longer and happiness more! It has a total length of 4.7cm and a full width of 3.5cm. It is small and flexible and easy to carry. The humanized mute function makes the process of sex passion private and worry-free, whether it is exclusive or lingering with the lover, it can make people immerse themselves in love.

How to use sex toyes?

The method of use is very simple. Take out the shock ring, put the rubber band on the condom, press the power button to turn on the shock ring, you can enjoy it. The shocking ring can be used alone or in combination with a condom. For example, if you use it with a condom, you can wear a condom and then take out the shock ring. Be careful to damage the condom when wearing the shock ring.

Note: The shocking ring is a one-time use product and should not be reused in sex.

How is the effect of sex toys?

What is the effect of using sex toys? After several netizens used it in sex, the evaluation of the shock ring was as follows: 1. Look at the experience of the netizens after using it: After using it, the wife said that afterward, love can no longer be separated from it; 2. old public Another ring re-captured me, a lasting sense of shock, let us rekindle the passion; 3. Soft texture, super shock, for me to use sex toys, it is an extraordinary experience. Of course, the satisfaction is that the wife is awkward and full of sexual blessings.

Sex toyes, because of the ability to make men more persistent, so women are more likely to have sex orgasm. As a common love item, sex toys injects fun and passion into the couple's life, which can make the feelings fresher and more lasting.

How to use the emotional vibration ring: precautions?

After understanding how to use the emotional vibration ring, we also need to pay attention to some things to better use the emotional vibration ring. The vibrating ring can give both men and women a sense of excitement and pleasure at the same time. The vibrating ring can be in direct contact with the sensitive area or on the condom. The vibrating ring can make both sides achieve the irritating effect that was not seen before, and the tremor experience can be as high as 20 minutes. The switch is easy to use and can be used alone or in combination with a condom. This product is only suitable for adults, no contraceptive effect, please read the attached instruction manual carefully. Also, the vibration ring is a one-time use product and cannot be reused.