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Mention sex, what are we craving? I believe that the vast majority of men and women will talk about time. Yes, lasting sex is what men and women crave. In particular, men are more eager to be able to give lasting power to sex, which not only demonstrates their sexual ability but also conquers their women. However, it is often because of these or those problems that men cannot last. The appearance of the VIVAAWA brand male sex buy has brought the gospel to the majority of men. Men sex toys buy, make men more persistent in sex, bring more pleasure to women.

VIVAAWA brand male sex toys buy--shock ring

As one of the VIVAAWA men's sex toys buy, the O-Vibration shock ring can bring us great shock and enjoyment. The O-Vibration Seismic Ring brings a passionate tremor of up to twenty minutes to both sides. The shock is mixed: 30% more vibration, 20 minutes of tremor, just as strong as your passion; let the sexual stimulation surround: unique delay collar, which makes him more persistent; innovative soft rubber bump, the whole process gives She is very stimulating; let the couple feel happy: high-quality medical soft rubber, comfortable to wear, for the couple to shock the unprecedented pleasure. The VIVAAWA brand shock ring can stimulate both sides and experience the tremor of passion. With a switch, it is easy to use. It can be used alone or in conjunction with a condom.

VIVAAWA brand male sex toys buy--seismic clip

O-Vibration shock clip, as one of the VIVAAWA men's sex toys buy, can make men more persistent in sex. The shocking clip is a vibrator with vibration intensity, and its vibration is stronger: 30% more vibration effect, up to 20 minutes of tremor experience, helping the lover to easily reach the peak of pleasure; bringing shock and teasing: unique shape, double Adding fun, giving her a strong excitement, giving him a different kind of teasing; enjoying the tremor and joy: ultra-low mute, waterproof design, battery replacement, soft and easy to use, even in the bathroom can "shake" to enjoy the passion.

You can choose to place the electric handle over the penis, give her a hot tremor; or put it under the penis, making him feel irritated. It can also be worn on the finger to stimulate the clitoris more flexible, giving her a different kind of stimulation. The shocking clip can be repeated, ultra-quiet and waterproof.

VIVAAWA brand male sex toys buy--Precautions

When using the VIVAAWA brand male sex toys buy, we also pay attention to the use of matters. No matter whether it is a shock ring or a shocking clip, there is no contraceptive effect, and it is only suitable for adults. Please read the instructions carefully before use. To bring health and passion for sex, you can operate in the right way.

The above is the introduction of VIVAAWA brand male sex toys buy, I hope to help the majority of men. Of course, the VIVAAWA brand male sex toys bought here are relatively small, you can log on to the official website for a more comprehensive understanding.