Sex Toys Online

How to buy sex toys online?

When buy sex toys online, you can't just seek excitement or cheapness, but ignore the importance of the material, otherwise it is easy to cause accidents due to the quality of sex toys or damage to you and your partner's body. For example, the use of a male collar for too long can lead to cell necrosis and prostate disease. In addition, poorly-performed massage sticks or male collars are prone to breakage or shedding, so online purchases must be considered in multiple ways so that there is no imperfect ending in sex.

1. Buy sex toys online safe and healthy first

Buy sex toys online to ensure the quality and specifications of sex toys, select qualified couples, which is a necessary condition for preventing injuries. In addition, sex toys can be used repeatedly, and should be cleaned and disinfected after sexual life, in case of use, to prevent infection caused by uncleanness.

If you prefer to use a fun condom, first buy sex toys online to consider whether they are allergic to the substance on the condom; then consider whether the condom is suitable for you, whether it will break in the sex exercise, if you use ultra-thin, and your own action Very intense, it is recommended to wear double-layer; if using the double-slip series, it is recommended to match the shock ring, beware of the sleeve falling off.

2. Buy sex toys online need to pay attention to emotional communication

Sex toys can only be used as an auxiliary means. They are not a substitute for emotional communication between the two sides, nor can they use sex drugs for a long time, and they cannot use sex toys as a necessary means to improve their sexual life. It is important to know that sexual life without emotional foundation can not only improve sexual quality, but also lead to the reduction, weakening or even separation of emotional communication between the two sides, causing the other party's resentment or disgust, and making sexual disharmony or sexual dysfunction worse.

3. Buy sex toys online must be willing to buy together

Whether to use husband and wife products, what kind of sex toys to use, when to use them, how to use them, etc., need to be negotiated by both parties, rather than self-assertion, and can only be used if they agree with each other. If the two parties agree to use adult products, but the other party feels uncomfortable during use, they should stop using them, so as not to cause harm to the lover's body.