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Sex toys shop male sex toys compared to female sex toys, the variety is a little bit so that many people say sex toys shop male sex toys can not be reflected in a moment, secretly: sex toys shop males also have fun Supplies? There are a lot of male toys in the sex toys shop. Let us take a look at what sex toys are available to sex toys shop.

Sex toys shop sex toys are harder

Such as a vacuum or vacuum therapy device. It uses the principle of negative pressure or vacuum to make the penis passively engorged and erect to treat impotence. I think that its major drawback is that the penis is congested and enlarged, causing the penile blood to be blocked and the penis is blocked. In the case of congestion, the capillaries expand and ooze due to hypoxia, and non-specific inflammatory reactions occur. In the long run, the corpus cavernosum fibrosis is easily caused, and irreversible pathological impotence occurs. Please consider carefully before using it.

Sex toys shop sex toys aphrodisiac drugs

The only drug in the world that is considered by the medical community to have a true "aphrodisiac" effect is extracted from an insect, which is called "Spanish flies" in Hong Kong. Its principle of action is to quickly pass through the urethra after taking it and stimulate the mucosa of the urethra. The stimulation signal is transmitted to the sexual organs at the same time, causing sexual desire. And I found that some of the mainland's sex shops sell "aphrodisiacs" are hormones or nerve stimulants!

Sex toys shop What are the types of male sex toys? You must have already understood. Abuse of these drugs can endanger your health. Be careful. I disapprove of using drugs to carry out "aphrodisiac". Sex is a purely instinct. If you rely on drugs to maintain "sexual interest", it is already the next choice. It doesn't mean anything.

Sex toys shop sex toys all kinds of god oil

Represented by various "sacred oils", its principle of action is to apply local mucosal anesthesia to reduce the sensitivity of the external genitalia after the glans, thereby increasing the stimulation intensity (threshold) of the excitatory essence and prolonging the sexual intercourse time.

This is a good treatment for patients with premature ejaculation caused by excessive sensitivity of the penis skin and glans mucosa. However, if premature ejaculation is caused by central nervous system disorders and the threshold of sexual stimulation that is tolerated by the brain is too low, such drugs do not affect.

Sex toys shop sex toys increase penis

Such as the glans ring-shaped groove ring (elastic ring with protruding stimuli, fixed in the crown groove under the glans), penis coat (using more silica gel like material, can 'increase, lengthen' penis, multi-spotted irritant), with protrusion Stimulating condoms and more. Their role is to increase and strengthen the stimulation of the vagina so that women are more likely to reach orgasm.

In short, when using the sex toys shop, you should give the correct evaluation. By using it correctly, you can achieve self-entertainment, masturbation, and self-treatment. When people can't complete sexual intercourse properly because of psychological and physiological problems, they should not evade this demand with negative and inaction. Instead, they should complete the sex with the help of body parts, drugs or sex tools outside the genitals. activity.