Toys for sex

What are the characteristics of the toys for sex vibration ring? In some developing countries, although the traditional concept is still very strong, people's understanding of sex toys has begun to change. So, what are the characteristics of the toys for sex? Is it good to use?

Toys for sex vibration ring features

Toys for sex vibration ring is very useful, tremor experience, passionate interaction. The toys for sex vibration ring has the following three characteristics:

Shocking together: 30% more vibration, 20 minutes of tremor, just as strong as your passion

Stimulating Surround: Unique time-delay collar makes him more persistent; innovative soft rubber bulge, giving her a strong stimulation

Pleasant ring: high-quality medical soft rubber, comfortable to wear, for the couple to shock the unprecedented pleasure

The role of toys for sex vibration ring

Sex toys have improved effects on women with sexual sensation and men with dysfunction, or couples with middle-aged sex. In the eyes of sexologists, both men and women can solve their physiological needs with the help of auxiliary products. Not only can DIY not ask for help, but it will not affect or force others to act.

For the world-renowned gender health brand, after more than 80 years of testing, it has become synonymous with excellent quality and trusted by consumers around the world.

How to feel the more delicious taste of sex? Two of the sex toys are sex toys that are worn by men while benefiting both men and women. One-time use is the O-Vibration shock ring. Its shape is the shape of the clip. As long as the O-Vibration shock ring is gently placed on the penis to open the switch, both men and women can enjoy the wonderful stimulation at the same time.

Toys for sex vibration ring parameters

Toys for sex vibration ring length 4.7cm; inner diameter 3cm, toys for sex vibration ring should pay attention to is a one-time use product, please use it, do not replace the battery, please use paper towel after use, then put trash can. If you feel unwell or have pain, please stop using it.

It is recommended that you use the women's pleasure enhancement fluid when using the toys for sex. The female pleasure enhancement fluid is a clean gel liquid, colorless, non-irritating, which can improve the sensitivity of the female genitals, thus evoking the inner lust and bringing you Enjoy the senses and feel sustainable for 5-20 minutes. Feminine Enhancer can be used before or during sex, and can be used alone or in conjunction with the toys for sex.

O-Vibration shock ring is dominated by men

Many men have an active position in sex, so how can a man not have a sex item of his own? The O-Vibration Shock Ring is a very good choice for you. The O-Vibration Shock Ring is worn by men in sex, but it is not only for men, it also gives women unlimited fun in sex.

Most of the men who included the O-Vibration shock ring into their sexes said that they were all shocked by the small shock ring. Such a small O-Vibration shock ring has such a great power, not only Let the man experience the joy, let the lover also want to stop.