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Chastity Cage

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What do you think of when you mention the chastity cage?

A strong man, his penis is covered with a small cage that limits erection. Or a woman who is full of lust but who is bound by chastity and who is forbidden to have sex. Behind them there is a lover holding a key with a chastity.

Female chastity cage

Chastity cage is a kind of wear used to prevent sexual intercourse or masturbation. The earliest chastity was originally intended to prevent the wearer from being raped. Designed for women. It is made up of a metal belt and a longitudinal metal belt that covers the genitals through the underarm. Lock at the junction of the two metal strips. Once locked, the longitudinal metal band bends under the armpit and cannot move, preventing sexual activity.

For a while, men used women as their property, only for sexual activity. In order to prevent women from having sex with other men, forced women to wear chastity brought him to chastity.

There is such a saying: With chastity cage, men can leave their wives safely at home and travel long distances. They know that as long as their wife wears a Chastity cage, there is no way to have sex with other men, and there is no way to give him a green hat. No matter how far he went, how long he went.

Male chastity cage

Later, medicine generally believed that male masturbation was harmful. Therefore, in addition to the female chastity cage, the male chastity cage was born.

The metal waistband surrounds the lower waist, fastens the metal strip in the longitudinal direction, and has a tube on the front for placing the penis. The connection between the two metal straps can be locked. Once the lock is used, the key should be used to unlock the sexual organs. The end of the tube also has an opening to discharge urine.

Modern chastity cage

Most of the modernly produced chastity cages are used by people who like to play sex abuse games. It is not intended to ban sexual desire for a long time, nor is it intended to protect women from sexual assault.

As a kind of SM prop, its role is roughly divided into: forced orgasm, no climax, and control of excretion.

First forced climax

Put the sex tool on the lower body of the battered, and then use the chastity to lock it outside, just like the built-in vibrator. Although the battered is not bound to freedom, but because the lower body is constantly being forced to stimulate, can’t stop or get rid of, and continuously reached a climax.

The second prohibition of climax

It is the use of aphrodisiac or sexy belt friction to arouse the sexual desire of the abused person, and then use the chastity to block the lower body of the abused person, deprive the battered of the freedom to reach the climax, and torture the abused person with painful spirit.

Third control excretion

The chastity cage can also be used as a tool to control the excretion of the abused person. There are various cortical and other fabrics combined with some metal to the chastity cage. This kind of chastity cage has no excretion opening, so it can deprive the abused person of the desire to excrete.

Want to get sex but can't get craving

Being restrained by chastity can directly feel the oppression of matter and spirit, which causes the wearer to produce more sexual imagination and thus be in a special state of excitement.

When a man talked about his experience of wearing a chastity cage, he wrote: "When I was wearing a chastity cage, I was in a state of drunkenness most of the time because of my desire for carnival. When I was locked, She was able to control the steps we made to love until she got enough foreplay to prepare for me. At the time of insertion, she finally opened the lock for me. Under her mastership, we both got through my duties. After the lock on the chastity cage, the hard pressure of my double hips and the tightness of my penis often evoke me, I belong to my wife, and through this powerful decisive woman, according to my own sexual needs. Dominate me."

In sexual abuse games, the power relationship is open, the master can become a slave, and the slave can become the master. This is great for those who have not tasted power and excessive power in real life. Appeal.

Wearing a chastity cage will create a sense of shame that is afraid of others, which makes the wearer feel a special kind of pleasure, and another woman said: "Sometimes locked in the chastity cage, it is a kind of intensive taming state. The idea of ​​locking in the stainless steel chastity cage has also become a way to satisfy the owner's interest. I like this possessed taste, just like a puppy follows the owner, but has an unprecedented sense of security, and can always be right The owner Sa Huan expressed his needs, which is also the pleasure of humiliation.

Of course, no matter what kind of BDSM game, the premise includes voluntary security.

As far as the chastity cage itself is concerned, it is really impossible to design a chastity cage that does not affect the normal activities of the wearer, does not affect her bowel movements, and maintains personal hygiene without causing infections of the vagina and anus. So be sure to pay attention to the time of wearing, hygiene, and frequent cleaning.

Learning a little basic psychology, medical knowledge and human body structure is very helpful for SM. Long-term wear of chastity cage is tantamount to torture, so be careful when using it.