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Today's Indian society is more associated with this abstinence claim. In the big cities of India, even lovers are rarely seen. Today's Indian men and women not only talk about sex in public, but they don't dare to talk about it. Sorry, I am going to do intimate moves in the crowd.

1. Openness in India

India's Khajuraho Grottoes are one of the UN's World Heritage Sites. Lifelike nude male and female statues may make people feel that India is a society with open minds, but in fact, sex is a topic that must be treated with caution in India. Open discussion of the problem is even worse.

Hinduism believes that sex is natural and sacred. Imprisonment in real life does not mean that India has no sexual culture. The Indian epic Ramayana records that when the Hindu god Shiva and his wife Uma made love, they once reached 100 years. For a long time, the middle is uninterrupted, and the semen is sprayed into the Ganges River, which has nurtured the Indian civilization. Since then, Hindus have worshipped the genitals of Shiva. Many temples in India are dedicated to the statue of Shiva, and the parts of the genitals are handled very prominently. Some simply stand on a smooth stone seat with a Linga (the male genitalia) pilgrimage. The Indian woman will present a petal in front of it, close the palm, and then touch it on its dome. It may be because many people touched, and many Linga turned black.

Reproductive worship leads to the sublimity and sacredness of sex. According to the Indian tradition, people have three major goals in their life. Sexual love is the highest state that people strive to achieve. In all legal pleasures, sex is the most passionate and most Perfect life enjoyment. Hindus believe that "love" is born with no teacher, but "sex" must be mastered through learning. To allow sex men and women to reach the highest realm of life as soon as possible, India's first The book is written in the form of a book that has been circulated to the "Ai Jing". This book interprets the gesture of sex, the skill of sex and the harmony of sex in the form of philosophy. It shows not only 64 kinds of sex art in people's eyes. It also traces the folk customs of the society, the people, the law and the environment at that time, revealing that sex is an art, not a naked sensuality.

2. Secret sex in India

On the one hand, it is an indulgence, on the other hand, it is abstinence. India's view of sex is just like two sides of a coin. In the eyes of outsiders, it is two views that are incompatible with water. The Indians are looking for a balance among them. According to the Indian "Love Love Survey Report" It shows that the average number of people who have sex more than once a week is 57%, which is 9 percentage points higher than last year. About 65% of them are satisfied with the frequency of sex, and last year's satisfaction rate was 69%. In the “Loyalty” category, the survey results show that 87% of respondents claim to be loyal to their current sexual partners, and about 13% have more than one sexual partner. Nearly 84% believe that the specificity of sex is A person's marriage is very important. 56% believe that premarital sex is now increasing, and 20% believe that premarital sex is the result of a lack of sex education.

3. Massage sex in India

Massage in India is generally very professional, is an ancestral tactic. Before sex, may wish to give the lover an essential oil massage, touch his skin little by little, it will be very good foreplay.

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