Seven Vibrators: There's Something for Everyone!

Seven Vibrators: There's Something for Everyone!

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Are you looking for a more thrilling experience when it comes to solo sex? Look no further - VIVA AWA has got you covered! From Clitoral to G-Spot stimulation, we have a wide array of vibrators in different shapes and sizes. There are great options available for both beginners and advanced users. With endless possibilities, you're sure to find something that will truly bring your solo sex session to the next level. Whether you prefer a small, discreet vibrator or a larger and more powerful one, VIVA AWA's range of vibrators is sure to provide you with the sexual satisfaction you need. No matter your preferences and budget, rest assured that you'll find something perfect for your needs. Discover the perfect vibrator for yourself today and get fully immersed in the pleasure that comes with solo sex.

Vibrators: A Bit of History

Surprise, the vibrator has been around since 1869! Not that the steam-powered device was used as a sex toy at the time. Originally, the vibrator was intended to be a medical device intended to treat women suffering from “hysteria”.

Hysterical Women
Hysteria was a peculiar phenomenon. It only appeared in women, and symptoms ranged from depression to rage to just being "too stubborn and stubborn." According to Victorian doctors, these supposedly hysterical women could be "cured" of their condition by coming. Masturbation was impure and even dangerous, so they invented something else. Lo and behold, the vibrator saw the light of day.
The vibrator proved to be an interesting business model, as waiting rooms were quickly filled with "hysterical" women. Meanwhile, the list of symptoms of hysteria grew longer and longer. So much so that women with big toe pain have been referred to a massage session with the vibrator. Later, the psychoanalyst Freud advanced the theory that the hysterical woman was sexually frustrated. This is not a bad idea, at a time when women used to repress their impulses and their desires, under penalty of exceeding the standards of decency.

The Sexual Revolution
In the 1950s, the diagnosis of hysteria was removed from medical books and the method of treatment disappeared with it. However, this does not mean that the vibrator is also gone. The toy was later used in pornographic films and gained a dubious reputation. Housewives did not want to be taken with such a vulgar toy, and the popularity of the vibrator plummeted.
It wasn't until the sexual revolution of the 70s that better times came for our vibrant friend. The vibrator made a compelling comeback, and after the liberating 80s, nothing could stop it. The toy has definitely freed itself from the taboo zone and today most women have one in their bedside table.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Buying a Vibrator?
Vibrators come in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Whereas before we had to settle for simple models, modern vibrators are much more varied. You have G-spot vibrators, air vibrators and anal vibrators. And there are plenty of them with special attachments for extra clitoral or anal stimulation. They can twist and move, are ribbed or equipped with rotating balls and have different heads for different sensations. Experiment, for example, with the Raving Rabbit!
Not sure about the size? Of course, there are rods that are intimidatingly large, for experienced vibrator lovers. But there are also mini versions, like the finger vibrator that you slide around your finger. Such a small device is surprisingly powerful and can be used on the clitoris as well as the nipple, penis or scrotum. Perfect for duo masturbation. Do you like to keep your masturbation sessions to yourself? Then there are the deceptively real lipstick- shaped vibrators!

Good Vibes
Of course, it's wise not to go for the first vibrator you find. First look at what you need. Do you want a vibrator for penetration or just for your clitoris? Can your anus play the game or rather not? And what kind of vibes turn you on? Are you looking for smooth vibes or a bit stronger and faster? Good vibes make all the difference, but what constitutes good vibes is different for everyone. From light vibrations to intense earthquakes on the yoni: you know better than anyone what makes you feel good.
One thing is almost universal. Most women like the vibrations to be pleasurable and penetrating. Not that they have to be very powerful: tender, soft and sensual vibrations are also delicious. What matters is that the vibrations are not too superficial, but rather more “robust”. Luckily, most modern vibrators let you choose from different vibration levels, so you can adjust the vibration strength to suit your preferences. You can also experiment with different types of vibrations, such as wave vibrations or strong pulsations.

Different Types of Vibrators
But what do you choose when looking for the best vibrator? Because we can imagine that you no longer see the forest for the trees, we have listed the best types of vibrators for you!

Rabbit Vibrators

For most women, stimulation of the little pleasure button is essential when they want to come. The clitoral vibrator is the ideal solution. These vibrators have, in addition to an internal part, a special protrusion to massage the clitoris. The Rabbit is the flagship of this category because it is the most versatile. You can set it to different vibrations and some of them have a butterfly stimulator which also stimulates your lips. But there are also Rabbits with anal stimulators or rotating beads in the shaft. The result ? An explosive clitoral orgasm!
Do you want to pamper your kittel without inserting anything? Then you should choose a clitoris stimulator.

Clit Vibrator

Will it be your first toy? It would then be wise to choose a toy that is a little less intimidating than a hyper realistic dildo. Like an air pressure vibrator. This vibrator belongs to the clitoral vibrators and has become more and more popular in recent years. It stimulates your clitoris with air instead of vibrations.
You place the vibrator on your clitoris, after which a kind of suction occurs, combined with vibrations. The pulsed air pressure waves provide particularly intense sensations and make women who have difficulty climaxing particularly enthusiastic. You can use it on every sensitive spot on your body, and with eleven air pressure settings, you're sure to experience thunderous orgasms.

Vibrators for Couples

Why play alone when you can play together? Couples vibrators are specially designed to be used with your partner. The principle is simple. As a woman, you insert one side of the vibrator and the other side attaches to your clitoris in a pleasurable way. The inner piece stimulates your G-spot, while the outer piece provides intense vibrations for a violent clitoral orgasm.
As the toy is smaller than a normal vibrator, your partner can penetrate you while your vibrating friend is inside. The insertion part is designed to leave enough space for the penis. So when your partner penetrates you, they benefit from both the vibrations of the vibrator and the feeling of a super tight vagina. Because although the duo vibrator is smaller than a normal model, it still fills your vagina a little.

Realistic Vibrators

Sometimes you don't want a nerdy pink toy, sometimes you want a toy that looks like the real thing. Realistic vibrators are inspired by real penises. The toy has veins, glans, normal human skin color and it is the same shape as a penis. Also, in terms of feel and hardness, they come close to a real penis, giving the impression of actually being penetrated. Realistic vibrators come in different colors and sizes: just like real penises.
Do you fantasize about real sex during your play sessions? So, with a realistic vibrator, the realism of your fantasy increases enormously!

Anal Vibrators

Do you like anal games or just want to experience them? You're right, because your rear region is one of the most erogenous parts of your body. Not only is your skin much thinner here, but a lot of nerves come together in the anus. A sensitive place, therefore, and ideal for sexy stimulation.
Anal vibrators also come in all shapes and sizes. Most anal vibrators have a narrow mouthpiece, which allows you to insert them easily. They also have a wide end, so the vibrator stays in place. In addition, you have exciting toys in the form of plugs or penises, but also vibrators made of beads that increase in size: for different levels of pleasure. In short, for strong sensations around your anus, choose an anal vibrator. Let's play!

G-spot Vibrator

The famous G-spot. Suddenly the G-spot isn't so legendary with a vibrator. Your G-spot is located about three to five centimeters from the entrance to your vagina. This very sensitive point is not developed in the same way in everyone, so it can be difficult to discover it. However, the G-spot vibrator is specially designed to stimulate your magic point.
Thanks to its curved head, the vibrator can easily reach and massage your G-spot. Once you insert the vibrator, it finds your G-spot automatically. As the vibrations enter the head of the vibrator, you will eventually experience a very intense vaginal orgasm. One that radiates throughout your body. Your orgasm may even be so intense that you come squirting. A handkerchief please?

Wand Massager

Do you like intense, powerful and above all continuous vibrations? Then the Wand vibrator is for you. With the Wand vibrator you can massage your whole body, but you don't use it internally. You can put it on your clitoris, labia and vagina or use it during a massage session. The vibrators penetrate deep into the muscles, not only giving you a popping orgasm but also relieving pelvic floor muscle tension and pain. Small bonus!

The Stress of Choice? Discover the Collection of Vibrators!

For those having difficulty choosing from the extensive range available online, this collection provides the perfect solution. With a carefully curated selection of vibrators, it allows you to find the perfect fit for you, both physically and emotionally. You can go hands-on and see for yourself what the product feels like, what kind of vibrations you like, and what kind of stimulation you prefer. By taking the guesswork out of the choice process, VIVA AWA's vibrator collection will have you finding the intimate companion of your dreams in no time. Plus, the dark days of solitude are over, no matter what. Thanks to the collection, you can now experience the sweet pleasure of intimate moments in the comfort of your own home. So why wait? Take the plunge and find the sensual satisfaction you deserve with VIVA AWA's Sensual Intimacy Vibrator Collection!

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