Vein - XXXL - Custom
  • Vein - XXXL - Custom
  • Vein - XXXL - Custom
  • Vein - XXXL - Custom
  • Vein - XXXL - Custom
  • Vein - XXXL - Custom
  • Vein - XXXL - Custom
  • Vein - XXXL - Custom

Vein - XXXL - Custom


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Materials: Platinum Cure Silicone, Body Safe Cosmetic Grade Mica

Sure there were warnings, people trying to escape, but the sight of the alien thing is fascinating and hard to take your eyes off of. Its natural to panic when something so alien and intimidating shows up, but this alien intruder will make you his from the first contact to the last. From the depths of space to your black hole, Vein is looking for a place to call his own.

A modest start and quick increase in girth will make sure Vein’s probings are easy to start but don’t disappoint in the ache of a good stretch. Ridges and the titular veins will make sure you enjoy a somewhat alien experience that is out of this world.

Options for XXXL Vein:

Firmness and Attachment:

- Soft (00-30)

- Medium (00-50)

- Soft with Hole

- Medium with Hole


XXXL Vein:

Total Length: 15"

Usable Length: 11.75"

6" Head Tip Circumference / 1.76" Diameter

7.5" Head Ring Circumference / 2.34" Diameter

12.25" Top Shaft Circumference / 3.99" Diameter

13" Mid Shaft Circumference / 4.18" Diameter

13" Bottom Shaft Circumference / 4.29" Diameter

Weight: 8lbs 9oz


All products are thoroughly washed with dawn soap and sanitized by boiling in soapy water before packaged. However, we recommend to wash and boil your product in soapy water before use!

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