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Anal Beads

Jelly Vibrating Back Beads Sex Toy For Female
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Vibrating Long Anal Beads For Prostate Massage
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Big Anal Bead Butt Plug Gay Sex Toys For Woman Pink Heart Magic Stick Glass Dildo Masturbator
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Large butt plug made of crystal glass. Cartoon shape. More loved by girls. Heart-shaped glass beads ..

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Colored glass dildo. Made of solid glass. Inlaid colored bumps. A heart-shaped bracelet is attached ..

Glass Dildo Anal Beads Butt Plug Prostate Massager G Spot Sex Toys
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The glass dildo made of crystal glass. Clean and transparent. The shape is very nice.The glass dildo..

Glass Dildos Big Anal Toys Big Dildo Big Indian Dick Dildo Girls Adults Couples Vaginal Anal
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This big dildo is 24cm long. The overall color is blue. Made of clear crystal glass. One end mimics ..

Anal Beads Vibrator 10 Speed prostate massage anal vibration beads G-point vibrating  Sex Toys Couple Or Masturbators
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This anal beads vibrator can be used for vaginal masturbation, prostate massage, anal sexOn a vibrat..

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Anal beads are a series of hard plastic or soft rubber balls, either connected by ropes or integrated. Sometimes the beads are of different sizes. Starting small, as you move upwards, they gradually grow larger. Sometimes they are the same size all the way. At the end of the handle, there is a larger ring or something that allows the user to pull out the beads and prevent the whole rope from sliding into the rectum.
When it comes to the wild world of anal games, anal beads are a good start. Many options are designed specifically for beginners. Their benefits are relatively simple, but they provide powerful results.
Anal beads can be included in many fetishes involving anal intercourse, buttock worship, spanking, enema or any fetishism involving the buttocks, anus, or anal region.

How to use anal beads?

Lubricants required

As with all anal sexual activity, anal beads and rectum should be fully lubricated with a special sexual lubricant for anal sexual activity. This is important because the rectum is easily torn, torn or injured.
Water-based lubricants are almost everyone's good choice. If you use silicone anal beads, do not use silicone-based lubricants. Great amounts of lubricants are applied to beads (make sure that all beads are lubricated, not just pointed beads). With your fingers, you can also apply some lubricants outside and inside your anus.
Thicker lubricants are easier to use with anal beads because they do not slide off toys immediately. You may need to add lubricants at some point.

Condoms and anal beads

Using condoms on anal beads is a simple way to keep the beads clean, prolong the life of the beads and reduce the risk of infection.
If you are the only person who uses anal beads, condoms are not necessary. If you think you will share your beads, you must use a new condom every time you use beads.
If you use beads of solid rubber, they are strong enough not to bend, and condoms do not change the feel of beads.

Inspection products

Before you first use your anal beads, take them out of the package, wash them, and examine them carefully. Find any seams, tears or sharp edges.
If your anal beads are plastic, you can use an Emory board to file any seams to make them smooth. If your anal beads should be made of non-porous materials, look for any holes or fragments missing from the material.
If there is any defect, please return the anal beads before use.

Start with yourself

Even if you're going to have your partner use anal beads with you, it's a good idea to try them on your own for the first time.
You don't feel self-conscious and/or you can really concentrate on your feelings without being distracted by your partner (for better or worse). Make sure you have enough time and privacy before you start work.

Open yourself first

Before you try to use your anal beads for the first time, open yourself, no matter what you usually do. If you feel embarrassed or distracted, this can make penetration more difficult, so relaxation and excitement can make your first anal beads smoother.

How do they work?

The insertion of anal beads does not produce any strong pleasure, and they usually do not feel good or bad when placed in the body. The basic premise behind the anal beads is that when you pull them out, the beads pass along the two circular sphincters, and then you feel a series of pleasures.
It can be considered similar to any other muscle massage, although these muscles are not often massaged. Just like regular massage, some people enjoy it, while others don't like it at all.

Start slowly

Once you feel relaxed, be prepared to insert the beads, and there is a lot of oil on the beads, start slowly and one by one. Pay attention to this feeling if you feel any pain or discomfort, or slow down, increase the oil, or stop. Once all the beads have been inserted, you can choose to do other things and stimulate yourself in other ways. When you are ready, start slowly pulling out the beads. In the end, you may want to do it faster or slower, but for the first time, it's done very well and slowly. Note the feeling of each bead as it passes through the sphincter.

Regular use of anal beads

In many pornography and some porn movies, some people say that the anal beads are pulled out at the climax point, which is a huge climax experience. You can certainly try to do this, but this is not necessary, and many people like to use anal beads at different times in sex games. Few people describe anal beads as their unique greatest sexual experience. They are not as popular as other sex toys, but they are still a fun and unique form of anal games and body sensations.

Use anal beads with your partner

Using anal beads on your partner is an exciting experience. It provides a lot of opportunities for building and making fun of your sexual behavior, while also adding a power element to your sexuality. But because the tissues of the anus and rectum are more likely to tear, this game is considered a higher risk, so it is important to maintain good communication with your partner before using anal beads, including anal beads. If you can't tell your partner what to do, when to start, stop, or slow down, you shouldn't let them use anal beads.