Anal toys

Before we understand how to use anal toys, let's first understand what anal toys are. Anal toys, also known as anal toys, are one of the O-Vibration products. It is made of high-quality medical soft rubber, which is comfortable to wear, safe and reliable to the human body, and comfortable and not irritating. Excellent elastic material, close to the penis, slowing the blood backflow, and the fiber length of the spongy muscle is increased, effectively extending the sex time! The humanized mute function makes the passion process private and worry-free. Whether it is exclusive or lingering with the lover, you can immerse yourself in love.

Therefore, women "masturbation" is easier to "climax" than "sex." The reason is that they are afraid of hurting a man's self-respect, or because he is too shy to tell his or her wishes, and lost the enjoyment of "sexual climax." According to a survey conducted by Japan's "MORE Magazine", women can reach a climax of 73.0% through "masturbation"; women can reach a high tide of 36.0% through "sexual love"; women have pretended to have 61.2% of their climax experience.

Moreover, women often pretend to have deceived men by "sexual orgasm" on the bed. There is also a paragraph in the film "When Harry meets Sally": Harry thinks that he is very satisfied with women, and Sally does not agree. She said that the woman's orgasm reaction can be installed. Then she began to perform a "sounding spring" with a good sound. At this time, all the people in the restaurant looked at it, and a woman at the neighboring table was even more stunned. When the waiter asked the woman what to eat, she said, "I am coming to something that this lady has just eaten." These masturbation behaviors are not as comfortable as the sexual climax brought by anal toys, and even more obsessive.

Anal toys can be used alone or in combination with condoms. For example, if you use condoms together with sex, you can wear condoms and then take out anal toys. When wearing anal toys, be careful to destroy the anal toys of condoms. It is innovative. Soft rubber bumps give women a strong stimulus. Anal toys, so that every impact is accompanied by vibration, accurately stimulating women's sensitive points, let her sex orgasm continue. This anal toy is a one-time use product that cannot be reused. It is different from the shocking clip.

While using anal toys, be careful not to let the injury happen, pay attention to the introduction of the product and the number of times the product is used. Do not charge or tighten the battery cover during flushing to prevent leakage events. Also, note that it is only suitable for adults and has no contraceptive effect. Store in a ventilated, dry environment, away from direct sunlight, and free of corrosive chemicals. It can be washed with water, but since it contains a charging part, please do not put it in water for a long time.

The feeling of anal toys is a very small ring, there is not much feeling, so even if it is taken out, there will be no bad influence. This anal toy is mainly made from the psychological scruples of people. To meet the needs of different people for sex or masturbation.