Hot Romance

If celebrating Valentine's Day is any measure of being romantic, Indians are Asia's most romantic lot with 90 % of them showing affection for their partners on this day. Indians have a history of love. They hold the symbol of enduring love – Taj Mahal – The World's most famous monument and one of the seven wonders of the world.

Hot romance--young men and women

A boy walked over and said what my face was dark, I was still thinking about what it meant. He explained: It used to be too beautiful. Girls have to paint black and black paint on their faces to keep themselves from being noticed. It’s so beautiful to wear this dress, everyone who wants to paint a black face will be seen. Indian men never praise the words, and even have a more cheeky way of talking, hot romance heard that flirting is the daily life of Indian men.

The younger generation of India is increasingly free to love hot romance, especially in big cities, regardless of the grass, the lake or the street, the couple love to talk about love, the way they fall in love is no different from ours. A girl she met in the spiritual course talked about her understanding with her boyfriend. They met on the dating software Tinder, yes, it turns out that India also has Tinder. The first time I met, I was very happy with the romance. Later, the boys invited the girls to go home with the excuse of playing the dog. The beautiful atmosphere of the environment is natural... Everything you want, not the rape case seen in the news. Modern India may be more open than you and me.

An Indian boyfriend of the sofa owner, chatting with his girlfriend, whispered with a phone call all the time. Once, his girlfriend heard the voice of a girl behind her. The boyfriend panicked and held the phone and spent the whole day explaining to his girlfriend. His friends described him like a dog of his horse. When I thought that Indian men were higher than women, they would still be afraid of their girlfriends, and Indian women were mostly hot romance.

Muslims can legally marry up to four wives anywhere. In a Muslim sofa home, as the head of the family, he would only sit on the bed and ask his wife and daughter to come to the end, thinking that they saw a typical male-family family. As a result, when chatting privately, he kept telling how much he loved his wife and did not want to marry other wives. 30 years of hot romance, this kind of long-term marriage is also a kind of business and romance.

Hot romance-TajMahal

A name that most people are familiar with. Hot romance Taj Mahal (Taj Mahal), also known as "Taj Mahal", is also translated as Taj Mahal, one of India's most famous monuments, in India today more than 200 kilometers away from New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh In the city of Agra (Agra), on the right side of the Yamuna River. It is the mausoleum established by the 5th generation of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to commemorate his late Empress Ajiman Banu, and is known as the “perfect building”. It consists of a palace, a bell tower, a minaret, a pool, etc. All of them are constructed of pure white marble, inlaid with glass and agate, beautiful and beautiful. Has a very high artistic value. It is a masterpiece in Islamic architecture.